Guido Del Carpio Rivera is a Peruvian-American artist.  Guido started very young with the practice of various professions: drawing, painting and design. His parents were tailors and fashion designers in his hometown of Arequipa. In his early years, Guido was inspired by Arequipas various churches filled with paintings, sculptures, altarpieces, musical instruments and beautiful architecture.

Guido later sought to refine his remarkable artistic ability at "La Esmeralda" and "San Carlos" in Mexico City as well as the Visual Art School in New York City. Professors in various stages of his education were consistently amazed at his ability to express himself through multiple mediums. He attributes much of his skills in painting to his experience at those schools. With this technical preparation and his philosophical views that have been common with an entire generation of his contemporaries, Guido Del Carpio has been formulating a language. This language is direct, dismembered and at the same time self critical. It speaks to the world and things of and how they have been represented in their pristine states. The manner in which Del Carpio articulates his images always obeys the concepts than can be sensed or deciphered but they do not configure (as he wished to be seen) a narrative. 

"My paintings and drawings don't narrate or explain... they ask"

The themes that are most prevalent would be satire and dark humor although it would be ironic to classify the astonishing images as "visual satires." Guido communicates the aesthetic sides of serious matters; ideologies, beliefs, addictions, foundations, sexuality, the late, death, fear. The work of Del Carpio is a hybrid state of traditions and mythologies from various origins. These currents have come together in artistic currents in this century as poor art, art brut, assemblage, combined paint, funk art, street art, illustration, comics and digital art.

Guido Del Carpio currently lives and works in South Florida.

Untitled. Mixed Media on paper. 29"x21"



1973 First prize, illustration
National Palace of Fine Arts. Mexico, DF

1974 First prize, illustration
National Palace of Fine Arts. Mexico, DF

1975 Finalist, Hall of watercolor
Art Institute of Mexico. Mexico DF

1976 Honorable mention, Hall of watercolor
Art Institute of Mexico. Mexico, DF

1979 First prize, Hall of watercolor
Art Institute of Mexico. Mexico, DF

1982 Honorable mention
National Institute of Fine Arts. Mexico, DF

1983 Prize acquisition, National Salon of landscape
Government of the State of Veracruz. Jalapa, Mexico

1992 First prize in journalism design
National Association of Journalists

1995 Finalist. Johnnie Walker international contest
Johnnie Walker-Union Distills, Lima, Peru

Art Institute of Mexico
"Rivers of Life"
"The Houses of Pedro People"

Gallery Manuel Macías. Cabo San Lucas, Baja California
"Children of the Street"
"The Elves of the Bridge"

Bertha Kliman. Lomas de Chapultepec
"The Horses"

Gallery of Art National Autonomous University of Mexico

Bertha Schumann Art Gallery. Simsbury, Connecticut

Rennes Art Gallery. SOHO, New York
"The Zero”
"White Houses"

Infinity Art Gallery. New York City

Art Gallery of the San Agustin University. Arequipa, Peru
"Diva Actions"

Retrospective pictorial work 1964-2001

Gallery of Art of the Wise Bank. Arequipa Peru
Tribute to poet Cesar Vallejo


Latin Billboard Award Event, Miami, Florida

"Music Man"